One Thing to Stop Doing to Raise Your Vibration

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If you want to raise your vibration, there are a couple things to get under control first – managing stress and worry.

Whether it's at your job, being stuck in traffic when you're late, a disagreement with your partner, kids not getting along, financial issues or even concerns about the past and future — we have stress, and for many of us today, lots of it. It can creep up on us at any time, which leads most people to worry.

Worrying and How it Affects Us

Not only does chronic worrying keep your vibrational frequency low so you're much less likely to manifest what you want, but it also has some pretty harmful side effects to your overall well-being.

There are two parts to our response to stress:

  1. How we perceive it; and
  2. How we're going to react – fight, flight or freeze (the freeze response was added later by stress experts).

As I'm sure you know, fight or flight responses had their place long ago when it came to survival and avoiding harm, but our bodies don't know the difference between a real life or death threat and modern day life stress, worries and anxiety. With fight or flight, we still have hope. For example, if we can outrun the sabertooth tiger we can still go on living. 😀 However, the freeze response is devoid of hope so we aren't really responding at all. 🙁

Our bodies continue to respond with fight or flight (or freeze), which over time, isn't good if it's being triggered on a regular basis.

It can lead to stress-related illnesses like heart problems, high blood pressure, pain, suppressed immune system, skin problems, diabetes, infertility, sleep, appetite and psychological problems. And of course, it's not great on relationships, job performance or healthy habits either. If you'd like to read a more scientific explanation of what goes on in the body during fight or flight specifically, go here.

Many people feel helpless about their worries and they just accept them as a normal part of life.

Life is full of stress and worries.

There's good news though; there are ways to combat worrying and stop it dead in its tracks. I'm going to share with you a mindset hack you can use to stop worrying so you can raise your vibration. It's helped me a ton and I wish I would have known about it sooner!

Ready for it? It's super simple…

We have a choice in how we think and feel.

You might be thinking to yourself: “Sure, Jess, that's easier said than done.”

And I'd agree with you…at first. But I know you want to raise your vibration so it's going to take some effort on your part to change your reactions. If you can master what I'm about to teach you, it will be so worth it.

Take your past, for example, I'd say most people look at their past and regret certain things or wish they could press the rewind button and have a “do-over.” But that's never going to happen so what's the point of thinking about it?

Here's my remedy to stop worrying about the past:

Accept what is.

The past is not good. It's not bad. It just is.

Can you do anything about it now?

Is it helping you to feel bad about it?

Are worry and regret serving you in any way?

Well, you're smart, so you know the answers to those questions are all a resounding, “NO.”

So having considered these questions and answering “no,” doesn't it seem pretty ridiculous to put yourself through all that?

There's no need to feel bad about the past. None, whatsoever. Humans make mistakes; it's life. It's part of your journey that brought you to where you are today. You can't change any of it; so accept what is.

Accepting what is puts you in a peaceful state of being and will raise your vibration, free up creative energy, and your journey will start to feel lighter and more enjoyable. Regret has zero benefit to you and if that's what your dominant thoughts and feelings are about, guess what; the Law of Attraction will just serve up some more of the same things you're worried about.

Living in the present really is the answer. I get that it's not easy to just drop all the past baggage and stop worrying about what happened or might happen.

3 simple steps you can take to rid your mind of garbage thoughts and feelings so you can raise your vibration:

Step 1 – Recognize thoughts and feelings of worry, regret, etc. when they pop into your mind. Don't judge. Don't beat yourself up. Ask yourself what benefits you're getting from thinking/feeling the negative thoughts.

Step 2 – After you've acknowledged there's no benefit, give yourself permission to take a mental break as soon as you're able to. When you're just starting this technique, find a quiet place where you can be alone and not be disturbed.

Step 3 – Get comfortable in a chair or on a bed or whatever works for you, take some deep breaths, close your eyes if it helps you relax and release all thoughts from your mind.

Don't try to force it, you'll only get frustrated.

I've found picturing the thoughts floating out of my mind like balloons to be effective. If a thought comes up, simply picture it floating away again until all thoughts are gone. Then I picture a force field preventing any new thoughts from entering my mind.

It takes some practice so be patient with yourself. When you've achieved it, this state is called ‘no mind' or Mushin in Japanese which literally translates to “mind without mind.” This state is also commonly referred to as “the state of no-mindedness” and is essentially like giving your mind a rest and a chance to restart. 

So how long should you hold it?

At first, it will only be a few seconds and that's okay! After some practicing you'll be able to hold it for 30 seconds, then a minute or even longer. Repetition is the key to mastering this technique. When you're really good at it, you'll be able to do it from anywhere and you'll feel the effects from it in a shorter amount of time.

So give ‘no mind' a try! It's my mind clearing technique of choice because it's fast, easy and effective!

Stop worrying in its tracks to raise your vibration, add years to your life and manifest more of what you love!

What do you do to stop worrying? Do you have a technique to give your mind a rest? Or maybe you too use ‘no mind' and love it like I do! Tell me your thoughts below! 🙂


One Thing to Stop Doing to Raise Your Vibration
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