Manifesting What You Want

The Secret to Manifesting What You Want

Do the World's Best Manifestors Know a Secret?

I think they do and I'm going to share it with you in this post.

If you're not currently manifesting what you want you might be wondering if the Law of Attraction even works. But you have a strong suspicion it does work because you've seen countless others get results with it. The truth is, the Law of Attraction is always working whether we work with it or not.

But how do you get it to work in your favor? How the heck do you actually do it?

I struggled with this for years too until I learned some of the success secrets of the world's best manifestors. A mentor of mine and Law of Attraction expert, Andy Dooley, told me something I haven't really heard taught by other LOA experts…and it's a HUGE piece to the manifesting puzzle.

It takes setting your intention, putting it out into the universe and staying positive a step further in a very powerful way.

So what is it?


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The Secret to Manifesting What You Want

It's ridiculously simple…your daily habits.

Your daily habits will make or break you are when it comes to manifesting…like any other area of life. Previous Law of Attraction gurus I learned from just told me to think positively and keep my vibe raised. Yes, those things are important, but there's so much more to it.

It's taught by many that the Law of Attraction is a Universal Law and what we manifest is based on the vibrational frequency we are putting out there. I agree with this, but it's a bit far-fetched to a lot of people.

What if we thought about getting the Law of Attraction to work for us in a simpler, more practical way. What if you could manifest what you want just by focusing on your daily rituals? The end result is important so definitely put that out there, but focusing on the here and now (your daily rituals and habits) is what will get you there with the most ease and flow.

Think about it. If you have daily goals, are deliberate with what you'll be doing and have healthy rituals that leave you feeling happy and accomplished it's pretty likely you'd be making progress towards manifesting what you want. Not only does this raise your vibe because you'll be feeling happy, but you're also taking action towards what you want rather than waiting around for it to happen.

On the other hand, what about if you went through the day not really being intentional with anything, letting others decide how you're going to feel or not having healthy rituals or anything positive to reflect back on at the end of your day…kind of just floating through the day wherever the wind takes you? On days like that, I'm left wondering why I didn't get done what I set out to do and feel frustrated and disappointed in myself.

See the difference?

A lot of people try to manifest better things when they're down and out in life and that's completely fine. I know I've been there. But the difference between successfully manifesting your way out of that or not is dependant on more than just “acting as if” but subconsciously not really feeling it.

If you take small steps each day towards what you want through the rituals you have in place you can and you'll be manifesting what you want much faster.

The Very Basics of Manifesting

The first step to manifesting is setting a strong intention of what you want to manifest. There should be a lot of focus on how you want to feel after you've manifested what you want. Visualizing it and really feeling into it already being done is really important for as little as 5 minutes per day really helps. It keeps your goal top of mind and it helps you stay positive about making it happen. This is where a lot of Law of Attraction gurus stop in their teachings…decide what you want, set an intention, focus on how you'll feel when you have it and act as if. It sounds easy enough, but it's an oversimplification of what you really need to do to get things done.

There's More to the Manifesting Story…

But let's take it another step. Your daily actions towards what you want to manifest matter. You can't just sit back and wait for it to land in your lap.

Make a Good Faith Gesture to the Universe

You have to meet the Universe half way so to speak. To do this you can make a gesture to get things in motion. This can be a one-time gesture or more powerfully, you can create a new habit.

Making the good faith gesture tells the Universe you're serious about what you want and you're willing to take action on it. As much as I wish we could set the intention and wait for it to happen, that's just not the reality most of the time.

Here are some examples of manifestations and what you could do to make a good faith gesture:

1 ) If you want to have a baby you could buy an outfit for your future baby, learn ways you can increase fertility or go to a doctor and see what your options are. In terms of creating a new habit that will move you closer to your goal, you could eat healthier and get more movement in.

2 ) If you want to buy a new house but don't know how you'll pay for it you could buy something for your new house (a decoration of some sort, maybe? It doesn't have to be huge or expensive), find ways to cut your current costs or earn extra money by selling things you no longer need or want.

3 ) If you want to lose weight you could create habits throughout your day that increase your movement. I like to make little rules for myself. Every time I finish a task for my business I have to do 20 jumping jacks, jump on my trampoline for 3 minutes or take a walk around the block. The more tasks I accomplish the more movement is getting built into my day. I learned this from Andre Chaperon of Tiny Little Businesses. He jumps on a box every time he enters his office and throughout the day that leads to lots of jumping. What a cool idea, right?

I think you get the idea. You can create an action to take to make your good faith gesture to the Universe for any goal you have in mind. You just have to get a little creative and do what makes the most sense to you.

Put Your Focus on Your Daily Rituals Rather Than the Manifestation Itself

Your daily rituals will carry you when it comes to manifesting what you want.

Yes, you want to feel into how it will be when your manifestation comes to fruition, but put your focus on your daily rituals.

To get a better idea of how powerful your daily rituals and habits are, check out Atomic Habits by James Clear. It's one of my favorite books and it's eye-opening, to say the least. It will change the way you feel about goals and habits.

Goals are nice, but daily rituals are king. Goals are nothing unless you act on them. Most people have goals of some sort, it's what you do regularly that will determine if they happen or not.Click To Tweet

The daily rituals you keep is what separates the successful manifestors from those who say the Law of Attraction doesn't work. Each day, in and of itself, doesn't mean all that much, but all those daily actions compounded over time is what gives you a result you love or one you don't love so much.

Keep Habits Simple and Don't Allow Overwhelm to Set In

Don't let building new habits overwhelm you. Follow these tips to make it easier:

1 ) Creating new habits should start small, very small in my opinion…and only one at a time. Even deciding to lose weight by completely changing your eating habits and adopting a new exercise plan is way too much in my opinion. I also think it's why so many people fail to meet their weight loss goals.

2 ) Start with ONE of those things, for example, eating healthy. Focus on eating healthy until you master it. Do it as long as it takes…which contrary to the myth, could be much longer than 21 days. Each person is different. I've had habits that have taken me several months to build, like meditating daily.

3 ) Create a trigger to do your habit. For example, if you want to meditate every morning, decide when you'll do that. You could meditate when you wake up, therefore, your trigger would be waking up.

4 ) Create a reward for completing your habit. This doesn't have to be elaborate. It can be as simple as not having your coffee or tea until you've completed your habit. It could be a hot shower, a nap or basically anything that feels rewarding to you.

5 ) Find a way to track your progress. Streaks can be really powerful. I have a meditation app that tracks my progress and as of today, I've meditated 242 days in a row. The longer your streak the harder it will be to break it which keeps you very motivated to follow through.

In Closing

So now you know my simple, yet powerful secret to manifesting – the habits you keep on a daily basis. Now it's time to take action. First, decide on a new habit you'd like to build that will bring you closer to your goal. Let me know in the comments what it is and how you can begin implementing it ASAP.

Need some ideas for high vibe habits? Grab my guide below!


high vibe habit building guide by Jess Brown


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The Secret to Manifesting What You Want
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