Sensing Subtle Energy in Crystals and Stones in 3 Simple Steps

Sensing Subtle Energy in Crystals & Stones in 3 Simple Steps

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Sensing subtle energy in crystals and stones is a different experience for everyone.

If you had a room full of stones, one person could walk into the room and feel absolutely nothing while someone else could walk in and have to leave because the energy from the stones is overpowering.

Do you know which category you fall into?

Maybe somewhere in between?

Or maybe you've never had the chance to sense subtle energy in crystals and stones.

When I first started with crystal healing, I didn't feel a thing from them. I tested all kinds of different crystals and still felt nothing. Now I can sense the energies of crystals after a lot of testing, my crystal healing training, and lots of practice.

Sensing subtle energy is not just about the stone or crystal, it has a lot to do with our intention and even the intention of the person being healed. To me, it's kind of like the intention awakens the stone's energy so it can be used in the healing process.

If you're not already into crystals, you could be feeling a little skeptical at this point; that's okay! Trust me, I was myself until I figured out my special way to connect with the energy. But consider this, stones and crystals have been used by people throughout the history of mankind – thousands of years! The Bible even references stones 212 times!

Here are some very basic tips to sensing the energy of stones and crystals:

1. Meditate regularly

A regular meditation practice helps you be more sensitive to the subtle energy.

2. Quartz Crystal Exercise

Find a plain Quartz Crystal and point the termination (the pointy end) away from your body. Then open your other hand and point the crystal at the palm of your hand. Next, rotate the crystal in small clockwise circles. I keep the crystal about a foot and a half away from the palm of my hand, but you might have to test this to see what's most effective for you. You should start to feel something. It could feel warm or cool, tingly or prickly. For me, I feel a warm sensation with slight pressure.

3. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Just like anything worthwhile in life, the only way to get better is by practicing regularly (at least a few times a week).

So now that you know a simple trick to sensing the subtle energy in crystals and stones, what do you think?

Are you skeptical or maybe you've been using crystals in healing work for years, I'd love to hear from you so don't forget to comment below with your thoughts!

Sensing Subtle Energy in Crystals and Stones in 3 Simple Steps
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Penelope Smith
5 years ago

I liked that you pointed out that you should think about practicing with different types of crystals to get the effect you want. That is good for me to know because my sister is starting to get really interested in healing crystals, and I want to get her some new ones for her birthday.

5 years ago

I am sensitive to energy and people to an overwhelming degree sometimes. I don’t like going into crowds or rooms that are over crowded with stuff because it’s too much. I am curious though, when I go into crystal shops or around actual spiritual collection of objects. I get really hot, not uncomfortably hot. But hot and almost sweaty. Is my body, and energy just overwhelmed with the different vibrations in the room?

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