Universal Laws

What is the Law of Attraction?

Simply said, the Law of Attraction is how we create things, events and people into our lives. Everything in the universe is made up of atoms and atoms are energy. This includes our feelings, thoughts, words and actions. Like energy attracts like energy, whether positive or negative. It’s a universal law, just as the Law of Cause and Effect is, and it’s always working whether we are aware of it or not. It has existed since the beginning of time and is active in all areas of your life all the time.

Most people attract by “default” rather than by deliberate choice. The things that “happen” each day is usually where we focus our attention. For example, if a problem arises or something happens that didn’t feel good, by default, this is where we’ll put our attention. Because of the Law of Attraction, when we focus on these things, we’re actually creating more problems and more of what doesn’t feel good.

People are very powerful attractors and we use this power to attract more of what we want in life as well. This works by simply being active in where we place our thoughts and desires.

You create your thoughts, your thoughts create your intentions, and your intentions create your reality. – Wayne Dyer

When truly understood and used correctly, the Law of Attraction is the simplest and fastest way to attract love, happiness, wealth, health or whatever your heart desires. There’s no magic involved, it’s a science and it’s our birthright.

Even You Can Learn How to Use the Law of Attraction

There is a vast amount of people who have never even heard of the Law of Attraction and how much it impacts every minute of our days. To some it is a mystery they feel they aren't meant to crack so they continue to live by default, rather than by design. The fact is, if we know how to harness it's power or we don't, every second of our time here on Earth we are acting as human magnets. We dispatch thoughts and feelings out into the universe and attract back more of what we put out there.

But there is great news!

Acknowledging that the Law of Attraction is acting within your life is very good news! This means that all you have to do is learn to understand how to use it's powers to your advantage. When you understand how to use it, you have complete control to create your own reality. It will no longer be a mysterious force controlling the happenings in your life. This knowledge puts you in the driver seat. 🙂


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