Self-love and self-compassion are ways to manage how you judge or punish yourself for missteps in life. It’s also not comparing yourself to other people.

Think of how you’d treat a friend or family member if they made a mistake or were struggling with a personal failure. You’d come from a place of understanding, support and love, wouldn’t you? You need to show that same love and understand to yourself in those situations.

Being critical and judging yourself harshly does no good. When you have self-love you’re much more likely to reduce anxiety and depression. You’ll also have a more positive outlook on life and manage stress better. When you have self-love you’ll have an easier time creating healthy habits such as diet and exercise. It all helps improve confidence and just be happier in life.

Approaching difficulties in life with a sense of curiosity rather than judgment and mindfulness is a great way to practice self-love. Giving yourself a break for being human and giving yourself a break when mistakes happen is also important.

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